Little Girls’ Necklace: An Easy DIY Jewelry Project

by Meghan Fowler

Title picture of necklace

When I saw a baggie of wooden beads with faces on them while browsing at Michaels one day, I snagged ’em. I have long wanted to make Ella a cute little lady necklace. I’ve seen these sorts of things online before, but didn’t want to directly copy anyone, so I kind of just sat on the idea for a while. Then I spotted this bag of tassels among my jewelry crafting supplies and the idea rolled together in my brain. This DIY could not be easier, and it’s something you can do WITH your kiddo, which makes it much more special and meaningful. So without further ado, here’s how we went about it:

photo of beads and tassels


  • Wooden beads with faces – got mine at Michaels
  • Small tassel – Michaels sells these, but I’m not 100% sure if that’s where I got mine
  • Nail polish – we used pink, because, Ella. 👧💕💖
  • Cord and Breakaway Clasp – I had some clasps on hand that I had purchased long ago, and some random cord, too. But this etsy store sells them both together! Boom!
  • Painter’s tape


1) Tape off a tassel right below the metal part and paint it with several coats of nail polish. I probably did about four. Of course, be patient like me (just kidding!) and let it dry between each coat so it doesn’t get mushy and botched.painting tassel top with nail polish

2) Measure off the cord — make sure it is long enough for the child to pull it over their head without opening the clasp. This isn’t mandatory but I think it makes it that much safer. Also makes it easier for your child to put it on and take it off again by themselves. Handy if they happen to want to change outfits, um, fifty times a day. Just saying. Add at least 1.5″ to this length for tying off the ends.

3) Thread the cord through the bead from top down, then through the tassel top, and then back UP through the bead again. Like such:

4) Attach the safety clasps. This is done by inserting the cord up through 1/2 the clasp, tying a knot or two, and making sure that knot snugs itself down into the hollow of the inside of the clasp. Do this for the other 1/2 of the clasp, and you’re rocking and rolling. Practice opening and closing it a couple times to make sure your knot is big enough and won’t slide through when the clasp is reefed on.

necklace with clasps on

5) YOU = DONE! Optional: cajole your child into wearing cute clothes that she “doesn’t prefer” so you can photograph her wearing this cute new necklace.



So there you have it folks! A really easy, cheap, fun, cute kids necklace! If you make one I’d love if you could share your creation with me by tagging me on Instagram @under.the.elms

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