Easy DIY Copper Pipe Necklace

by Meghan Fowler

Crafting is really gratifying.

Maybe especially so for those of us who spend a lot of time engaging in tasks that, while purposeful (making meals, folding clothes, cleaning up messes, and other practical homemaking tasks come to mind), don’t leave us with a visible result that lasts for very long. Of course, there are lots of ongoing results that we can’t see but that matter – the nourishing of bodies, the nourishing of family life, the deep work of shalom (like peace, but in a broader sense) in our home, etc. Still, you know, it’s nice to hold something in your hands sometimes and be like,

“There! Made that! I started and finished this tangible thing and I like it!”

Crafting and DIYing in general fulfill some of that need to create that I possess, while also satisfying my desire to see something I’ve made make it past 6:30 when dinner is invariably finished and my own contribution toward nourishing my people has been taken over by their digestive systems. (At which point: Onward to next things, like cleanup! Which is thankfully handled by Marcus the vast majority of the time.)

Copper is super trendy right now — which is great for me, because it’s pretty cheap to buy, and the options of things to make with it are endless. I’ve been admiring the cute, minimalist copper pipe necklaces I’ve been seeing around so I thought I’d take a crack at making my own. And friends, they are SUPER EASY and SUPER SUPER QUICK to make! So without further ado, here’s the tutorial for an easy copper pipe necklace:


¼” copper pipe – mine came in a roll, and I purchased it from Home Depot

A small pipe cutter – also from Home Depot

Some 2mm cord (I bought brown and black leather cord and I like the look of both)

Measuring Tape


Optional: rag+pliers to help with bending



Using your pipe cutting tool, cut your copper piece to whatever length you like. This is done by loosening the cutter so it fits over the pipe, and then tightening until snug. When snug, spin the tool until it’s spinning easily again. Tighten a bit more. Spin again. Tighten more. Spin again. Do this until the pipe is cut through.


For length, I suggest anywhere from 4½”-6½”. The one I made today was 6¼” — but I made a bunch earlier ranging from  4½”-5½.” Right now I’m feeling the bigger size more, but honestly, go with your gut.

For a curved necklace, Bend the pipe carefully. If you localize your bend too specifically it will create a crimp in the pipe. The bottom one shown above-right has a crimp in it. Having a crimp isn’t a big deal in my opinion, but it’s not as ideal as no-crimp. Bend gradually and gracefully until you get the curve you like. In retrospect I advise bending before you cut the pipe. It’s easier to get the curve symmetrical that way. (I tried both ways and the outcome was better when I bent pre-cutting.)

Cut the cord to between 29-31” long (start with longer and trim it down if you like) and thread the curved pipe with the cord. Then tie a sliding knot (slip knot) on each side.

There! You’re done! Now make some more so you can share them with your friends. ♥️

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