Priorities Henceforth, and Some Hair Clip Holder DIY Inspiration

by Meghan Fowler

((Scroll dowwwwwnnnnnn if you are just here for the DIY post. ⬇️ It’s there, I promise. ))

Hello friends! We took a much-needed break over Christmas and New Years. Launching this blog was (is!) more work than I anticipated and fitting the (surprising amount of) work in in the midst of Christmas and travel preparations and the usual bustle of real-life spousing and momming and friending had proven a challenge. I’m a bit of a “go big or go home” kind of person, and can get really, really goal oriented. Changing gears can be tough for me, and when I invest in something I invest pretty heavily. As it pertains to this blog, that means that I am bursting with ideas – pages and pages of them, in fact – and I feel excited about crafting and thinking and writing and putting out good material, good tutorials, encouraging posts… all that. And I realize that I could easily spend 50 hours a week and still have tons more to do… ONLY, I don’t have 50 hours a week. I have roughly 8. Or 10. The rest of those hours go to my family and life. And that’s as it should be.

I am reminded that the “limits imposed” by my reality (having two young kids, and a house to run, and other volunteer obligations) are not constraints holding me back, but the framework of my now, the place of my deep growth, the place where I work out what it means that I am enough, that I am valued, that I have important stuff to contribute and that I’m alright even when I don’t. I am daily given the beautiful opportunity to be present, to enjoy my little-people, to pour into them, and to find value and purpose in God and the resounding “enough” he speaks over me.

So. All this to say, while I love doing it, my #1 job is not blogging. It’s the privileged job of meeting all the little and big needs presented by my kids and my immediate life. Some days those needs are overwhelming, and some days they aren’t and I am given time for other things!! I have some “blogging goals” typed out in a word document, and they include posting X times a month, posting this or that on Pinterest, Instagramming X often, la la la. I have lots of goals!! And I hope to accomplish them all, but sometimes life will happen and it will eat up the few blogging hours I have, and when it does, it has to trump those goals. If I disappear for too-long, please be gracious with me and… imagine me cuddling a sick kid, or baking bread only for it to be devoured before I photographed it (this is real life, people!), or imagine me shoveling snow, building LEGO, hanging laundry to dry, or…. honestly, sometimes being happily lazy and accomplishing the perfect amount of nothing. I gotta keep first things first, folks. Besides, anyone who has had kids into teenage-hood and beyond knows (and tells me often) it goes SO FAST!! I cannot miss this part! I know I’ll regret it. I have this brilliant, wonderful opportunity to be with these babies. What a gift.

Ok, well that was meant to be a tiny intro to this DIY I’m posting on; a segue saying, hey, I’ve been life-ing pretty hard lately and don’t have a fresh DIY, but here’s a fun throwback idea that may inspire some of you. So the post got away on me a bit, but it’s all good. Here’s a little DIY idea:

Basically, when Ella came along I was over the moon about buying hair clips. Cheap ones, of course. And on-sale ones. I collected a solid assortment, but wanted somewhere cute and accessible to store them and organize them. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the options I saw online. But suddenly I had a wee brainwave about using some sweet distressed wood my dad had at the cottage, and wrapping it thrice with twine. And really, folks, that’s it. I think it’s duct taped onto the back. Haha! One could be slightly classier and glue it with e6000 or hot glue instead, of course.

Instructions: Find wood, preferably distressed. Wrap several times with twine or yarn or something of the like. Tape or glue to the back. If the wood is not grippy due to roughness like mine, you may have to put a bit of glue or tape at the top and bottom back of each wrap you do to prevent sliding. Boom. Now you have a rustic little hair clip organizer. Organize by colour if you are ESPECIALLY AMBITIOUS. Ha.

Here it’s depicted in our old house, in the nursery. When I end up incorporating it into our current (new) home I’ll link to some pics of that space…

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Have an awesome weekend, friends!

~ Meg

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